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One Night Rodeo - Lorelei James I was privileged to win this in a Goodreads drawing. I love this series and have been waiting on this one. I've liked Kyle and Celia throughout the series, now I love them both. Getting to really know each of them little by little throughout the series and then much more fully through this, their story, has been quite a ride.

At an after performance party of a mutual singer friend, they end up getting married and from there, life really throws some major curves to them both. As they stand together and work together through all of this, their strength, love and determination shines through and their relationship grows.

By turns I've been grinning, chuckling, teary eyed, surprised, upset for them and more. Full of sweetness, humor, love, pain, smoking hot sex, and triumph, this has been an awesome read. Please keep 'em comin'.