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Cynful (Halle Shifters, #2)
Dana Marie Bell
Colters' Daughter (Colters' Legacy, #3) - Maya Banks Maya Banks has done it again! I might actually love this one even more than Colters' Woman which is the first book of hers I ever read. Colters' Daughter had me emotionally wrung. It is intense and beautiful. The entire series is special to me, but I think this one and Colters' Woman hold top in the series.
Librarian By Day - Paige Tyler I really loved this book and am going to be checking out other books by this author!
To Command and Collar (Masters of the Shadowlands, #6) - Cherise Sinclair This series gets better by the book! Each one tops the one before and all are awesome. I laughed and cried and raged and lost myself in this newest outstanding addition to the Shadowlands series. Raoul and Kimberly were beautiful together. I just cannot say enough good about this book, I really can't. Simply awesome.
Pack Challenge - Shelly Laurenston I laughed my way through this book. Just loved it. This is the first book of hers I've read and it will not be the last by a long shot. I will be getting probably at least a book of hers a month now if I can until I have them all.
Submission Revealed (Submission, #2) - Diana Hunter
One Night Rodeo - Lorelei James I was privileged to win this in a Goodreads drawing. I love this series and have been waiting on this one. I've liked Kyle and Celia throughout the series, now I love them both. Getting to really know each of them little by little throughout the series and then much more fully through this, their story, has been quite a ride.

At an after performance party of a mutual singer friend, they end up getting married and from there, life really throws some major curves to them both. As they stand together and work together through all of this, their strength, love and determination shines through and their relationship grows.

By turns I've been grinning, chuckling, teary eyed, surprised, upset for them and more. Full of sweetness, humor, love, pain, smoking hot sex, and triumph, this has been an awesome read. Please keep 'em comin'.
Chaos Burning - Lauren Dane I was privileged to be chosen as a recipient of this book in a drawing here on Goodreads. Lauren Dane is a favorite author of mine and I was very happy and excited to get this book. This is the second in a new series which is loosely tied to her Cascadia Wolves and de La Vega Cats series. It begins two months after the ending of book one in the series.

Lark Jaansen comes to Clan Owen from related Clan Gennessee to train Clan Owen members in different fighting and defense to aid them in the war with the mages and turned witches who are kidnapping witches and stealing their power by draining and killing them.

She meets Simon Leviathan, Dominic's friend and business partner from the first book and they become friends and more as they discover there is an unseen force called the Magister behind the hugely increased kidnappings, disappearances and murders of not only witches but all Other: Fae, Shifters, and Vampires.

It's a race against the clock to find a way to defeat the Magister.

This was an excellent read, full of action, emotion and some humor mixed in. Intense and full on all the way through. I highly recommend it and can't wait for book three.
Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) - E.L. James I am overwhelmed and emotionally wrung out from this book and very, very glad I have the other two to immediately begin. I've never read Twilight or seen the movies so I can't see or tell you any similarities there may be. All I can tell you is that I loved it all the way through. Very intense and emotional with some humorous moments mixed in, especially in the email exchanges.
Shadowfever (Fever, #5) - Karen Marie Moning This one ran me through the gauntlet, shattered me, blew me away. Several things hit me that I wasn't expecting as truths were revealed, some I'd had suspicion of, or was close in my suspicion, several I was clueless of until they were revealed.

Fantastic journey all around with a full compliment of emotions slammed through. Amazing. I had to get away from reading for a couple of hours after finishing this because I just couldn't bear to start on something else until I worked through the emotions from reading this book and the entire series. Had some processing to do after this one especially, but the series as a whole too. Overwhelming.
New York to Dallas (In Death, #33) - J.D. Robb I think this is the best yet in the series. Very intense, very emotional. The past comes back to Eve again and more pieces are filled in. Awesome read. I hated it ending, wanted it to keep going longer and longer, so hard to let go.
Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter, #4) - Nalini Singh I am blown away by this latest in the Guild Hunter series. A very emotionally wringing read. What she did for Dmitri...wow!
The Talisman - Marilyn Lee Story was decent and I really liked it, but the misuse of words, using the wrong words and poor editing caused me issues throughout the story. If it weren't for those errors, I'd give it 4 stars.
Make Me, Sir - Cherise Sinclair I was absolutely blown away! What an awesome read! The series just gets impossibly better by the book. I read this straight through. I could NOT stop until I finished it. I laughed and cried and cheered and shivered and hurt my way through it.
Stakeout for Love - Christie Walker Bos This was such a cute read. I loved it. Only complaint is it's way too short. I'll be looking at other books by this author.
Archangel's Consort - Nalini Singh This book utterly rocked. I loved it. The series gets better by the book and the first book was fantastic. I didn't see how it could get better then, but it really does book by book.
The Heart of Winter: The Toughest Girl in TownResolutionMystery Lover - Maggie Shayne, Linda Winstead Jones, Day Leclaire I loved every story in this book. I laughed and cried and hurt. This is a keeper.